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Hi, my name is Ron Weasley.
You might know me as Harry Potter's best chum or through one of my MANY siblings. But what you may not know is that I'm simply mad about comics! So now thanks to some of my muggle friends I get to be the star! I hope you enjoy them! And maybe you can draw your own (Harry says you don't need magic--just a pencil and paper!

The Bloody Brilliant Day
by Dave Roman

Muggle Madness
by John Green

Daily Prophet Funnies
by Dave Roman

The Ewoks Famous Invasion of Hogwarts
by Dave Roman and John Green

Harry and the Potters artwork
by Dave Roman

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"Harry Potter", "Ron Weasley", and all other proper names from Harry Potter book series are trademarks of Joanne Katleen Rowling and the Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.
These comics were produced purely just for fun and not profit and are no way affiliated with J.K> Rowling, Scholastic Books, Carlsen Verlag, Bloomsbury Publishing or Warner Bros. But we encourage you too buy lots of their merchandise anyway!

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